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Exiges is a diagnostic mobile imaging company providing portable x-ray, ultrasound, and electrocardiogram (EKG) services to patients in their home or home-care setting


Our trusted, certified, and friendly technicians will come to you,
wherever you are.

About Exiges

The newest portable imaging company with years of experience.

Imaging Services

Convenient, cost-effective, and accurate portable imaging services.

Working for Exiges

Become part of a company focused on changing the industry for the better.

The Exiges Difference

With quick, convenient, and accurate diagnostic services, and our technological acumen. Exiges is positioned to make a difference in the healthcare world. We’re on the move.

Exiges Portable Imaging & Lab Logo

Clarity and Efficiency

Convenience: We go to the patient, making their imaging quick, easy, and convenient.

Accuracy: Our team of technicians work closely with each patient’s physician and radiologist to capture clear, correct images according to the physician’s orders.

Quick Results: We pride ourselves in providing quick, and efficient services. Stat exam results are available in under 30 minutes, and routine exam results are available in only 2 hours.

Staying in Touch: The Blog

Exiges is committed to staying in touch with our clients and their needs. We strive to improve in all aspects of our business and one of the ways we do this is by keeping our eye on the latest advancements and news in our industry.

Exiges is poised to make a difference at a time when people need efficiency, convenience, and the ability to receive services wherever they are.

– Rick McDaniel – President of Exiges

Join our team and move with us!